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I'm Alec Brown.

I'm a Los Angeles based Full Stack Software Engineer and visionary Co-Founder, blending expertise in AI and Web3 with a passion for creating cutting-edge, user-focused digital experiences.


About me

With over 8 years of web development expertise, complemented by 5 years in marketing and design, and an additional 2 years dedicated to pioneering in Web3 development, I bring a well-rounded and forward-thinking approach to digital innovation.

  • Location:Los Angeles, CA
  • Interests:Fitness, Film, Travel, Technology, Outdoors
  • Education:Cal State Long Beach
  • Employment:YouBuild Inc.



YouBuild Inc2023 - Present

Engineered the architecture of an AI-powered app builder, leading the development of the front end, API integration, and database solutions using Firebase/Firestore. Utilized a diverse tech stack including NextJS, React, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and Figma, facilitating seamless project execution and deployment on Netlify.


Mellow Labs2022-2023

Spearheaded the founding of a Web3 Consulting/Development Company, delivering comprehensive services including website development, DApp minting, DNS management, and strategic consulting. Played a pivotal role in project design and implementation, enhancing client startups' online presence and operational capabilities.

Marketing Coordinator

Western Office2020-2021

Facilitated cross-regional sales support by crafting compelling proposals and RFP responses, significantly contributing to market expansion across Las Vegas, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Managed and optimized the company's materials library, streamlining the sales process and improving proposal quality.

Junior Developer

Nularis Energy Solutions2017-2020

Enhanced internal application functionality for project processing, lead management, and invoicing, using advanced web development practices. Led marketing efforts, including design and execution of digital campaigns, improving lead generation and engagement through strategic CRM use.

Junior Developer

Crusher Solutions2016-2017

Revitalized web content and social media outreach, leading to a significant increase in audience engagement and subscriber base. Implemented best practices in social media management, optimizing content production and business expansion strategies.


Bachelors Degree

Cal State Long Beach2014


-HTML -CSS -Javascript -React -NextJS -Figma -Netlify -OpenAI -Adobe Suite -Google Workspaces -Firebase -AWS -Slack -Ethers -RainbowKit -Wagmi -Tailwind CSS -Bootstrap -Typescript -Github -Analytics -Trello -Gatsby

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